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Wednesday 12 June 2024 09.00 - 10.30
A138 -3 COE2 Sites of coercion
SAL 32.1
Network: Labour and Coercion Chairs: -
Organizers: - Discussants: -
T. Petrik : Wages, Whips, and Prayers: Intersecting Fields of Coercion in the Vienna Prison Workhouse, 1760–1783
G. Rydén : Early Modern Wage Labour & Households as Coercive Sites: Householding in Early Modern Swedish Ironmaking
S. Suodenjoki : “Homes of misery”: Poorhouses as targets of labour campaigning in early twentieth-century Finland
H. Taylor : Exiting Apprenticeships in 17th- and 18th-century England

A144 -3 MIG2 Guest-workers’ organisation, resistance and protests
SAL 48.2
Network: Labour Migration History Chair: A. Batzeli
Organizers: A. Batzeli, C. Bernardi Discussants: -
I. Garcia-Colon : Guestworkers Versus Racialized Minorities: Reactions, Resistance and Impact of Guestworker Programs on U.S. Migrant Workers
S. Jacobson : “We are not sheep but human beings”: Housing Protests and Self-Organization Among Guest-Workers in 1970s West Germany
A. Knotter : Migrant strikes in the Netherlands 1961-1974
N. Stanimirovic : International tribunes. Political organising of the Yugoslav guest-workers in France 1970-1973

A156 -3 EMP2 The Global Left and Anti-imperialism
SAL 32.2
Network: Labour and Empire Chairs: -
Organizers: - Discussants: -
L. Costaguta : Socialist Anti-imperialism and the Global Second International
D. Dyakonova : Caught between a Rock and a Hard Place: Chinese Women Workers, Revolutionary Internationalism, and Anti-imperialist Nationalism, 1923-1927
A. Rodd : Britain's Labour Party and the anti-colonial labour movement in Fiji (1945-1970)

B115-3 MIN4 Mining–Agriculture Relationships: Influences on labour organisation and labour markets: Panel I: Relations between mining and agriculture
Network: Labour in Mining Chair: A. Cohen
Organizer: J. J. Garcia Gomez Discussants: -
P. Guimarães : Mining and agricultural labour markets and labour organisation in Portugal from the Liberal Era to the New State
F. Sanna : In between fields : labour pluriactivity in mining and agriculture in Italy (XIX-XX)
E. Trescastro-López, M. T. a. A. Martinez : Food in the mining areas of southeastern Spain. Analysis of a manuscript of recipes from the 19th century
A. Turbanti : Relations between Mining and Agriculture in Italy

B139 -3 INDE2 Democracy on the Shopfloor
SAL 32.3
Network: Economic and Industrial Democracy Chair: S. Friedel
Organizers: - Discussants: -
R. Bachmann : The Intricacies of an Experiment in Workplace Democracy: Six Americans in a Swedish Plant, 1974
N. Binder : Democratic Atmospheres and Human Interrelations: On the Social Psychology of Groups in the Factory (1930s–1950s)
A. Brizzi, B. S. : An Alternative Power? The Struggles for Democratization of Social Policy and Surveillance at Fiat in the Afterwar Period
L. Rosenberg : Negotiation of Issues between Masters and Men’: Workers’ Representation on the Great Indian Peninsula Railway in the 1920s
B. Settis, a. brizzi : An Alternative Power? The Struggles for Democratization of Social Policy and Surveillance at Fiat in the Afterwar Period

B153 -3 FEM2 Women’s gendered forms of action and mobilization
SAL 48.1
Network: Feminist Labour History Chairs: -
Organizers: - Discussants: L. Papastefanaki, S. Zimmermann
L. Azara : Women doing men's work. Italian policewomen in the 1960s and 1970s between discrimination, inequality and struggles for emancipation
S. Badgi : Beyond Trade Unions: Labour Activism Among Women Workers of the Újpest Jute Factory in the 1900s
E. Betti, L. Cerasi : Women Workers and the Cooperative Movement in Golden Age Italy between Production, Reproduction and Consumption: Forms of Mobilization and Representation
K. Linderoth : Wildcat strikes among public sector care workers in Sweden 1980-1990

B159 -3 FAM2 Labour, gender and social mobility during the industrialization. II: Education and social mobility
SAL 32.4
Network: Labour and Family Economy Chairs: -
Organizers: L. F. Alos, C. Lorandini Discussant: M. Martini
L. Henderson, M. Kaiser : The political economy of skills, occupational entitlements, and social immobility: evidence from industrialising Coventry, 1790-1830
R. Hettiarachchi : The social mobility of Indian immigrant plantation women workers of British colonial Sri Lanka (19th century)
M. Kaiser, L. Henderson : The political economy of skills, occupational entitlements, and social immobility: evidence from industrialising Coventry, 1790-1830
G. Kitsoleris : Intra-generational social mobility in terms of occupation in Greece. The effect of crisis and overeducation on career mobility in a segmented labour market
A. Mayer : Aspirations to social mobility among the working and lower middle classes in German-speaking Central Europe, 1840-1914

F416 -3 MIL2 Military labour in the early modern era
SAL 32.5
Network: Military Labour History Chair: A. Touloumtzidis
Organizers: - Discussants: -
F. Ansani : What is Military Labour? Evidence from the Italian Renaissance
J. Björklund : Mutiny and Discontent in the Swedish army 1605 – 1617
E. Larsson : Naval Officers as Merchant Skippers and Merchant Skippers as Naval Officers: The officers of the Swedish archipelago fleet 1756-1824
P. Nath : Military Labour and the Nature of the Mughal Empire
M. Neuding Skoog : Swedish Recruitment Agents on the German Military Market in 1543

H137 -3 CEE2 Unstable stability? Working class-life and the world of work in East-Central Europe after 1989-1991 II
SAL 32.6
Network: Central-East Europe Chairs: A. E. Bartha, T. Valuch
Organizers: - Discussants: -
P. Alaban : Deindustrial Images of Life in Northern Hungary after the Transition
A. E. Bartha : A Loss of Collective Consciousness? Working-class Images of Socialism and Capitalism in Two Generations in Post-1989 Hungary
M. Chmielewska : Making Sense of the 1990s: Global Economy in the Memories the Polish Corsetry Industry Workers
T. Valuch : Workers' Life Strategies in the Post-Communist Transition in Hungary Eszterházy Károly University of Eger

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